15kg Wood Pellets – Pallet (40 or 80 bags)


  • The pallets consist of 40 or 80 bags.
  • Each bag weights 15 Kg.
  • 6 mm Domestic Wood Pellets.

Our wood pellets are carbon neutral, cost-effective, large enough to last long and produce low dust and ash.

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About Manufacturer

Greenwood Pellets was established in 2009 within Ireland. Following an extensive two-year period of research and construction, the facility became operational in July 2009. It was designed with the capacity to produce 25000 tonnes of wood pellets and 10000 tonnes of dried wood chips. The wood pellet facility is situated in Laois, Ireland, sharing the same site as the sawmill.

Emerging as a subsidiary of Laois Sawmills, this company originated from recognizing the potential of the growing bio-fuel market and the sustainability of wood pellet biomass fuel. Cutting-edge machinery has been implemented to create premium 6mm wood pellets and uniformly dry wood chips. A dedicated facility was constructed to ensure proper storage and manufacturing processes. Both the facility and the wood pellets have obtained the EN Plus A1 quality certification, positioning them as pioneers in the realm of wood pellet fuel in Ireland.

Award-Winning Wood Pellets

Enplus Quality Certification signifies a significant stride in establishing pellets as a widely embraced energy commodity. This certification, known as ENplus, not only satisfies the stipulations of EN 14961-2, but it also imposes more stringent quality benchmarks. This emblem of quality represents reduced emissions and seamless, high-caliber heating with substantial energy value.

A groundbreaking achievement is the replacement of numerous national standards and certifications with a unified framework rooted in the EN 14961-2 standard for wood pellets. Agreed upon by the European Pellet Council in January 2011, this system garners substantial backing from substantial segments of the European pellet industry.

A primary advantage of ENplus lies in its comprehensive oversight of pellet quality across the complete supply chain encompassing production, storage, transport, and ultimately, the end user. The ownership of the ENplus trademark remains vested in the European Biomass Association AEBIOM, which serves as the host for the European Pellet Council. The authority to grant licenses for using the ENplus label to eligible enterprises is delegated from AEBIOM to national wood pellet associations that adhere to the criteria.