About Us

About Greenheat

Greenheat Limited was established in 2004 by Pat O'Sullivan, the owner of O'Sullivan Fuel Products.  We have always been adaptable to the changes in the heating market; the increased use of smokeless fuels; the move towards renewable fuels and appliances as a result of Kyoto, and we have always strived to supply high quality products to our customers. At times we have led the way, in particular, we were the first company to import wood pellets in the Irish market, and we have worked with universities and government agencies to develop consumer awareness of these products. In 2003, we pioneered the use of renewable energy in the domestic heating market under the brand name Green Heat. We provide a one stop shop, we supply, install, and service heating stoves and boilers; also supply a full range of fuels as recommended by the manufactures of all our appliances. Since 2018, the company has downsized in the fossil fuels market and now concentrates in the smokeless fuel section along with importation and distribution of renewable energy fuels parallel with planning developments of a green energy park at Barrigone.

Bring Sustainability To Your Family Fire

We are a family business bringing heating solutions to your family home. We stock highly efficient products from Austria, Denmark and Italy, amongst others. We are trained to install all of the appliances that we sell. 

Our Mission

We have always strived to:

GreenHeat, a leading provider of eco-friendly heating solutions, is delighted to announce its donation of two advanced pellet stoves to the Limerick Steamboat Community Centre. This initiative reflects GreenHeat’s dedication to promoting sustainable living and supporting local communities.

As a company committed to environmental responsibility, GreenHeat believes in actively contributing to a greener future by advocating the use of renewable energy sources. The donation of these pellet stoves exemplifies GreenHeat’s mission to provide efficient, eco-friendly heating solutions while fostering community partnerships.

The Limerick Steamboat Community Centre is now positioned to act as a showroom, inviting residents and visitors to experience the warmth and elegance of pellet stoves firsthand. This living demonstration aims to raise awareness about sustainable heating options and inspire the broader community to embrace greener practices.