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With experience of over 37 years in the fuel market, we confidently understand your needs. We source high quality products to service those needs.

Making Heat Green.

We launched GREENHEAT with a single mission in mind, let’s make heat more environmentally friendly.

Ignite Cozy Moments with Our Premium Firelogs.

Our Wood logs are crafted from carefully selected, sustainably sourced wood fibers and natural binders. They are meticulously engineered to burn longer and produce consistent, high heat output, ensuring a cozy and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

Efficient Heating, Green Living: Choose Pellet Stoves

One of the distinguishing features of Italian quality pellet stoves is their advanced combustion technology. These stoves are designed to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions, allowing for cleaner and more sustainable heating. With intelligent control systems, precise temperature regulation, and innovative pellet feeding mechanisms, Italian pellet stoves offer exceptional performance and user-friendly operation.

When it comes to pellet stoves, few can match the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that Italian manufacturers bring to the table. Renowned worldwide for their attention to detail, innovative designs, and commitment to excellence, Italian pellet stoves are the epitome of reliability and efficiency.

Italian manufacturers of pellet stoves adhere to strict manufacturing standards, ensuring that every aspect of their products meets the highest level of quality. From the selection of premium materials to the meticulous assembly process, every step is carefully executed to deliver a superior heating solution.

Flexible Extensible Pipe - Single Wall

Flexible extensible pipe made by a helicoidal winding of an outline in aluminium. Structure made entirely by metal, high flexibility, excellent mechanical resistance and sealing, low pressure drops, incombustible.
Particularly suitable for welding fume extraction systems and dust, air conditioning, ventilation of both hot and cold air.
• Material: 99,9% aluminium alloy
• Other material: painted aluminium alloy with epoxy powder in white color
• Fire class reaction: M1
• Use temperature: 200-250°C maximum
• Extensible up to 3 mt.
• Total thickness 0,12 mm.

Flexible Extensible Pipe - Twin Wall

FLEX Twin Wall is a range of aluminium flexible pipes, inside and outside corrugated, made by a helicoidal winding of double or more layers of aluminium and insulating material.

There are two versions available:

It is a range of aluminium flexible pipes, inside and outside corrugated, made by a helicoidal winding of double or more layers of aluminium and insulating material. ALA spa makes available to the customers two versions: 

  • Standard (Alumium/Aluminium) made by a helicoidal winding of two layers of aluminium. Entirely metal structure, high mechanical resistance, perfect seal, low pressure drops, incombustible. 
  •  ISOLAIR® (Aluminium/ ISOLAX®/Aluminium) is an aluminium flexible pipe, double wall inside/outside corrugated, made as the previous with the insertion of a third insulating intermediate layer ISOLAX®. ISOLAX® result of our research, is a very thin material, with high density and high insulation grade. ISOLAIR® guarantees the flue insulation and it reduces the heat dispersion all long the heating net distribution. Applications: Particularly suitable for hot heating distribution inside the house. 
• Material: 99,9% aluminium alloy 
• Other material: ISOLAX® insulating 
• Fire class reaction: M1 
• Use temperature: 200–250°C maximum 
• Is not extensible

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